Command Line Tool


Run the following command to install xss command:

$ npm install xss -g

Process File

You can use the xss command line tool to process a file. Usage:

xss -i <input_file> -o <output_file>


$ xss -i origin.html -o target.html

You can also specify a config file -c config.json like this:

  "whiteList": {
    "p": ["id", "style"]
  "css": {
    "whiteList": {
      "p": {
        "top": true,
        "left": true,
        "width": true,
        "height": true
  "stripIgnoreTag": true,
  "stripIgnoreTagBody": true

Active Test

Run the following command, them you can type HTML code in the command-line, and check the filtered output:

$ xss -t

For more details, please run $ xss -h to see it.